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Jenison, MI Lawn Care Deals

Special Incentives For Your Lawn

Weed Man Lawn Care Jenison, MI is pleased to offer you special opportunities for renewal discounts, add-on services, new customer referrals and more.

STANDARD DISCOUNT: We always offer a 5% auto-pay discount -OR- an 8% Pre-Payment Discount

REFERRAL CREDIT:  We offer a $50.00 credit to any customer who refers someone that signs up on Weed Man’s Basic Program.  **(this discount is unlimited)

MOSQUITO DISCOUNT:  Preferred pricing with our new Mosquito Control Service! OUR CURRENT CUSTOMERS receive one FREE application with the purchase of a FULL PROGRAM.

END OF SUMMER/FALL DISCOUNT: A $20.00 off special for mentioning code: WMGR20 and a confirmed LIKE on our Facebook Page:

CORE AERATION/OVERSEED DISOUNT: We will offer an 8% discount for mentioning code: WMGR08 and a confirmed LIKE on our Facebook Page: