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Weed Man Service Calls

Included in Your Lawn Care Program

As a respected, locally owned and operated lawn care company, Weed Man takes great pride in the results we provide for our customers. We want your lawn to reflect the quality of our products and the integrity of our service so that you are always 100% satisfied.

The Weed Man Promise:

We would love to tell you that when you are a Weed Man customer, you will never have a lawn issue again, but that’s not reality. You will. There will always be pressure from hard-to- control weeds, disease, pests and heat stress, as your lawn is a living, breathing, ever changing part of nature with specific needs unique to your property.

Because we don’t see your lawn every day, we rely on you to be our eyes and ears throughout the growing season. If you see something that doesn’t look right, or if weeds begin sprouting up, call for a service call! We are always more than happy to return to your property between scheduled applications to take a look at your turf or perform weed touch-ups.

Remember: service calls come at no extra charge to you. They are simply a value-added service included in your seasonal lawn care program.

At Weed Man, we welcome any/all questions that may arise throughout each and every stage of the lawn care process. Our office is backed by more than 45 years of lawn care experience and is always staffed with the most knowledgeable technicians, customer service agents, and managers in the industry. We’d love to hear from you!

Brought to you by Weed Man Lawn Care: we care for your lawn.