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April Showers Bring May Flowers

The Most Gorgeous Flowers to Plant this Year

Spring has sprung and it’s time to start planning out your garden. There’s no better way to enhance your lush, green lawn than with a garden filled with a variety of fragrant, colorful flowers. Can someone say curb appeal?! 

Whether you’re into more classic, subdued blooms or are looking to make a big statement, Weed Man has you covered this year. Browse through America’s most adored perennial and annual flowers in our gardening guide below. 


Common Daisies

Considered one of the most “cheerful” types of flowers, daisies can brighten up just about any garden.  They are widely recognized for their dainty white florets, yellow centers, and leafless stems.  


Chrysanthemums are grown in many gardens across the U.S and are a popular choice for florists.  They are distinguishable by their large, showy flower heads.  Most chrysanthemums do not start blooming until September, making them a fall favorite for many homeowners.  


Daffodils are bulbous, spring-blooming flowers.  They can be identified by their leafless stems and bell shaped, “trumpet” flowers.  They range in color from white to yellow to orange.  


Dramatic in both shape and color, irises are often used by gardeners as an accent plant. They are easily identifiable by their long stems and droopy, fan-shaped flower heads.  


A favorite amongst spring and summer brides, peonies make an elegant addition to any garden.  Their large, aromatic flowers and tall-growing stems make them stand out from the crowd.  



As their name suggests, marigold flowers are golden-hued – although the majority of them take on a deep orange color.  They have a strong, musky scent that works to keep away pests.  


Impatiens have grown in popularity due to their surprisingly hardy makeup and ability to thrive in the shade. They are available in almost every color, making them a vibrant addition to any flower bed.  


The sunflower gets its name from its large, yellow flower reminiscent of the sun. They can grow up to 12 feet high on long, hairy stems.  


Petunias are one of the most popular types of annuals.  You can find them in just about any color other than blue. They have funnel-shaped flowers that typically remain in bloom throughout the entire summer.  

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